University of Saint Francis Of Joliet Illinios Study Abroad in Italy

Here at the University of St. Francis in Joliet Illinois, we have a unique program that allows students to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester.

The dates are Febuary 2nd to April 30th 2011

This program offers students an opportunity to experience springtime in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe while obtaining college credits.

We have worked, with the help of the University, to keep prices as low as possible for students participating in the program. As a result, our program is very competitive when compared to programs offered at other universities. The initial cost of this program is actually less than the price of room, board and tuition for a semester at the University of St. Francis. (See the section on money matters).

Please check out the information at the side. Please peruse some of the pictures that students have taken from our previous semesters.

This is a chance of a lifetime; if you are interested, please contact me for further information.

Dr. John Bowers
University Of Saint Francis
Program Coordinator

Can students from other Universities attend this program?

Yes. We encourage students from other Universities to attend our Program. The cost of our Italy Program is very competitively priced.

Add to that we are based in Florence. Florence is arguably the last preserved Renaissance city in the world, in fact is known as the “cradle of the Renaissance” (la culla del Rinascimento) Florence is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and its artistic,historic and cultural heritage and impact in the world remains vast up to this day. The city has also a major European impact in music, architecture, education, cuisine, fashion, philosophy, science and religion. The historic centre of Florence contains numerous elegant piazzas, Renaissance palazzi, academies, parks, gardens, churches, monasteries, museums, art galleries and ateliers. It is also regarded by many as the art capital of Italy. It also has numerous more modern bars, restaurants, clubs and shops.

Do you need to come from a Catholic University to attend?

No. There are some grade considerations; if you are interested, contact me and we can discuss it.

Is this affiliated with the the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities?

No, not directly. But we warmly and openly invite students from those Colleges and Universities : Alvernia College; Cardinal Stritch University; Felician College; Franciscan University; Hilbert College; Lourdes College; Madonna University; Marian College; Neumann College; Quincy University; Siena College; Silver Lake College; St. Bonaventure University; St. Francis College; St. Francis University; St. Bonaventure University ; University of St. Francis, Ind; Viterbo University.

La Passeggiata - What is the Italian ritual Passeggiata all about?

As evening falls and the tuscan sun inches out of the your favorite piazza, an evening ritual begins, the Italian tradition of passeggiata, a gentle stroll ( think slow) through the main streets of the old town, usually in the pedestrian zones in the centro storico, the historic center.

Italians tend to dress up for passeggiata, and tourists are usually easy to spot in their shorts and fanny packs. Older folks sit along the route, nursing a beer or a glass of wine in the bar, and watching for things to gossip about; la passeggiata is where new romances are on display as well as new shoes.

Passeggiata is especially popular on Sunday evenings.

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